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Sauté the chopped onion along with the cinnamon stick, the head of garlic, and the bay leaf. When it's golden brown, add the crushed tomatoes with the seeds removed.  Once cooked, add the beef round, previously salted, unt...

1) Heat the pork foot in the microwave to soften it and remove all the bones. 2) In a skillet, brown the chopped onion and the sliced garlic. 3) Add the chopped pork foot, the white wine and the tarragon, and cook 5...

1. Put a large pot of water on the stove, and let it boil, but with a gentle boil, not bubbling. Add a little salt and a little oil. 2.  Cook the cannelloni pasta in this pot. Let the pasta sheets cook fo...

Make the mother dough by mixing the flour, salt and the yeast dissolved in warm water.  To make the dough: ¼ kg. of flour. 10 cl. of water. 20 g. of pressed yeast. Water. Salt. Knead the dough a fo...

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